Ebb and Flow (Cornwall)


Original painting on deep-edged canvas
76 x 102cm

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Ebb and Flow

Acrylic on cotton canvas
76 x 102cm

Inspired by the north Cornish coast, England


The sea, the beach, the rocks – this painting was a challenge but throughout the process, the feeling of the sky, the power of the waves, the colours, all transported me back to Cornwall, England. What a place! The sea is a constant source of inspiration for me. Whether seen from the beach, swimming or when scuba diving – it makes you feel alive, energised.

There’s a kind of nostalgia, a feeling of time passing, generations coming and going, while the sea continues to ebb and flow, with the waxing and waning of the moon. These massive bodies of water, teeming with life, lapping or crashing against coastlines. It never stops moving, changing, lifting and falling!

‘The ocean is a mighty harmonist’ William Wordsworth. (A line from the poem ‘On the Power of Sound’).