Brand New Day


Original painting on deep-edged cotton canvas
40 x 100cm

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Brand New Day was inspired by a morning in Dorset, England. I was there with a friend I hadn’t seen for ages and the view from the bay just took my breath away. The deep, saturated colours reflect the heavy, expectant feeling of that morning. Using a black and white photo as a reference, I chose colours according to their values and painted in layers, until I was happy with the abstracted result.

I’ve become a bit of a morning person and one of the beautiful things about living in foreign countries is the ‘at home’ feeling at the break of day, anywhere. So, wherever you are, people wake up, get up, wash, eat, greet and go about their days. No matter what their race, colour, origins, class, they get up and get going. All this, as the first light breaks and the day begins to unfold. Natural, magical!

I love this painting – it captures a moment where the forces of nature felt so much bigger than us!