Elephant 3

29.5 x 41.7cm

Acrylic paint on heavyweight paper

Ready to frame


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This is a one-of-a-kind, original painting.

Acrylic on 450ml acrylic paper

29.5 x 41.7cmc (A3) Unframed


These wonderful creatures have taken a piece of my heart. While doing these studies and creating the paintings, I’ve watched numerous video clips and documentaries and have become fascinated by their familial behaviour, their visible emotion and the monumentality of their physical presence.

‘Elephants can hear things we can’t hear! Amazingly, they can hear really low notes. And they hear them through their feet. Deep noise, like the bass you hear in a cathedral organ pipe. In the elephants case it would be a deep rumble in the stomach, and can be heard by other elephants through their feet from a long way away! Up to a mile!’ Sir David Attenborough. Incredible!