Acrylic paint on 400gm paper
29.5 x 41.7cm


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This is a one-of-a-kind, original painting.

Acrylic on 450ml acrylic paper

29.5 x 41.7cmc (A3) Unframed


Wistful, dreamy, pensive. Imagining and day-dreaming.

‘I was so utterly content that I was slightly wistful. It was the feeling I got when I was about to finish a really great book. I was nostalgic for this moment even as I was still in it.’ Noelle Hancock

Technique: I used a colour values technique, where I aim to bring bright, abstract colours to the picture, making them sing in a chorus of colour! With this particular portrait, I completed the portrait and was happy with it but felt it needed more depth. Using a palette knife, and the pale blue colour of her eyes, I scraped and scratched the surface of the paper – it worked well and I’ll experiment with this again.