Saturday Afternoon


Saturday Afternoon. (Mr Heron)
30 x 30cm
Original painting on deep-edged cotton canvas|

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This is a one of a kind, original painting.

Acrylic paint on deep-edged canvas

20 x 25cm


Painting will come ready to hang. Frame is not included.

Mr Heron on a Saturday afternoon. While living in Holland, I saw so many of these birds. To me, they looked a bit odd at first with their skinny legs and long bodies but the more I saw of them, the more beautiful they seemed! They stand incredibly still, waiting for their prey to come within reach and then shoot their beaks downwards to catch whatever it is below the surface of the water. Raw nature. This one was slowly walking through the shallows, stopping momentarily, poised. Beautiful!

Blue is absolutely my favourite colour and lends itself wonderfully to this image. Leaving the colour of the background visible on the body of the heron created a calm relationship between the figure of the bird and the rest of the canvas.