Original painting on 40gm paper
29.5 x 41.7cm (A3)

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This is a one-of-a-kind, original painting.

Acrylic on 450ml acrylic paper

29.5 x 41.7cmc (A3) Unframed


These amazing creatures are very much in need of protection and should be at the forefront of the media, along with other endangered animals. If we don’t allow them to survive, what a desperate loss that would be for the future of natural history.


This was the first in a series of elephant paintings, using this abstract colour technique and I love the colours, wrinkles, composition. It was an interesting ‘mistake’ that ended up bringing in the added interest of the ‘cubes’. Basically, during the  painting process, I try to vary the style and form of the mark making – particularly in the backgrounds. While painting this, a cube-like shape appeared and seemed to add impact and drama to the composition. I continued to add more!

Every painting is seen differently by every viewer, with this in mind, you can decide what the cubes might symbolise or simply see them as part of the overall impact of the image.