Mister Heron

Mr Heron
150 x 50cm
Acrylic paint on deep-edged cotton canvas



This is a one of a kind, original painting.

Acrylic paint on deep-edged canvas

150 x 50cm


Painting comes ready to hang. Frame is not included.

The landscape for this painting was inspired by a visit to southern Norway – the countryside is so rugged, unforgiving but stunning. The abstract colours were chosen for their rich intensity, electric limes and delicious turquoise. In fact, I could use only these colours, all the time – I love them!

This is a big canvas and was slightly daunting to start with but once the paint started to flow, it seemed to have a life of its own. To be fair, it sold off the easel and was whisked away almost before the paint was dry (please see photo of the painting in its forever home, it adds a final touch to this beautifully stylish bedroom).

Mr Heron – I’d never really taken note of these beautiful birds before living in North Holland. There are loads of them! Of course, they love the marshland – their watery kingdom.