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Acrylic paint and biro on 420gm paper
29.5 x 41.7 (A3) (ready to frame)
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This is a one-of-a-kind, original painting.

Acrylic on 450ml acrylic paper

29.5 x 41.7cmc (A3) Unframed


Sara. Is there something a little darker with this series? I still use bright colours, adding biro for details, but somehow this strikes a cord. She’s not so much a child, not quite an adult, her main chapters are ahead of her.

This was painted while in quarantine in England during the Covid pandemic. Being isolated, listening to the news and seeing how vulnerable people were becoming with the extended time in lockdown. For me, the idea that children, teenagers and the vulnerable were locked in houses with abusive adults was frightening. But it wasn’t about my fear, it was their fate that was so desperate. Now, with the pandemic over, these vulnerable people need to find their paths and discover ways to overcome their trauma and become the adults they deserve to be.

Using acrylic paint, both with a brush and a palette knife, then adding marks and details with biro and ball-point pen. A very different, and definitely effective, technique – might do some more of these or bring this style into landscapes.